Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unspoken Words

I'm shocked, I'm stunned
dia.. dia.. dia.. dan dia..
charming, cute, potential, successful
but.. bitchy, immature, unavailable, weird
four individuals are referred here alright
you do the math
wait wait.. got another one..


Something has gone into my head lately. I'm feeling sick right now. Had a drink with the same bunch till five something in the morning again. Dad was very unhappy bout it when I reached home but no words were spoken. hah.

For the coming five weeks, my schedules are gonna be jampacked.

To-Do's :

1. Find books on Printing Press for MHL
2. Complete IDTP Print Ad and Newsletter Makeover
3. Do research on group magazine's Fashion and Events section
4. PR group assignment-Hot Rides
5. Install Illustrator
6. Do revision on CTR
7. Prepare for finals in April
8. T.I.S stuffs

oouh somebody please SAVE ME. Oh Lord..


SOOKYEN said...

"bitchy, immature, unavailable, weird"

which word refers to who? lol.. and now we have a new name for our gang. The Ego-Bruised Gang. rofl

Phatdolla said...

yeah babeyh.. ahahah the EGO-BRUISED Gang.. xoxo Lets go yumcha..again.. ahahaha