Friday, March 14, 2008


Woke up yesterday noon feeling restless. I needed to go to the library, for some assignment. LeyVin called and said he wanted to go as well, and so, we met in college. Kenny completed his work before we reached so he left, leaving Edmund there with us. As we were getting on it.. boys being boys.. they..

wrestled. *sigh*

Left for work at 5. There were events going on last night; The Malaysian-Re thingy.. as well as Marlboro. I lost my two new cool lighters. damn. I bought one of it and got the other one from the Marlboro dude. :(

The day before that was my PR assignment due date. Had been working my eyeballs and brains real hard for that. Ms. Karam better be happy with my work. ;)

Since I've handed in my work, and I had few hours to spare after class-before work, I chilled around C7, then Piramid with M & her boy. yucky Lavender Cheesecake at Winter Warmers. *pukes* I'm so in love with Ipod-Touch!

Leyvin: Kenny got CUM for ctr arr?

*Edmund and I burst out loud*

Leyvin: I mean, REAlly.. Kenny got CUM for ctr arr??????!!!

*we laughed even harder*

Leyvin:.....I mean 'come'='attend'

... =_=ll

It's Sie Yuen's Birthday Party tonight. xoxo

I fuckin left my purse with the bartender last night. damn.

oooo... somEone gave me a surprise this morning. A gift all the way from Seremban. Thanks hunn! :) yummylicious!

aight. I'd better get showered now. boohoooooo! love.

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