Monday, March 10, 2008

My Rants


Today's Monday, my first class of the week. Currently watching Coffee Prince (Korean) on tv while blogging. Had nothing else better to do you knoe ;) Okay, enough of bimbo-ness! muUuaChs you all over!

I want somebody right now.. I want to be loved again.. uhuhuh. Buy me puppy will do. I want Maltese!

Ben, Janise, Anis, Leyvin, Kenny, Mini, and everyone else agreed to travel to PD together for Tiesto ..wHeeEee.. Dance Dance on those sandy beaches with beer bottles in hands of theirs and cigarettes in hands of mine. nialalalala! Sun-bathing! Volleyball!

I wanna get my hair dyed again.. a total make over for a Barbie look. taDaaa! but personalized. xoxo

I need people to do some surveys for me.. hunnybunnyteddydarlings... a lil favour for me? *blink blink*

More water. Less bites. rAWr. ;)

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