Thursday, March 20, 2008

Day-Dreaming of You

It feels good taking a hot shower after many hours of standing in heels doing ..pretty much.. nothing. I really am sick of it already. I started work at 6pm, as if there will be much dinner crowd. Like come on, the waiters could do the job, it's an easy task to just smile and greet them. Helloe? My goodness..

My legs are killing me right now.

Last night, I went to Heritage Row with Ebelin, Eugene and their cousins, Benny, Gary, BB and Michelle. We first went to Cynna to redeem their bottle under custody and that mothafuckerfucktard-bitch! had to stop them. In the end, got everyone in and Joe couldn't enter. Why? that whore called her fuck-mate-boss. Everybody in the club HATES her. Her name's Fadzillah or somethin liddat. AKA Godzilla. When you see her fuckface, with short permed hair, with that mega-bitchy tone when she opens her blardy mouth, you'll know it's her. BITCH!

Loft was damn packed last night, just as pack as Maison's Thurday nights. They were playin R&B and it was definitely way more happening than Cynna Bar.

Now everybody's asking if I'm Malay. xoxo.
Ye-aa, aku melayu.. yang cakap banyak tuu.. *hehe*

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