Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Most Eugene's I know are B-I-T-C-H-Y. ahhhahha.

Skipped class this morning because of SOMEONE but thanks for the afternoon wake up call. How sweeeeeeet. ;) Wei San and I went to Help college's library to search for PPPA books with the help of Abigail, my so-called husband. (some high school family tree) I met Sara too.. after sooooo long and found out SOMETHIN. ehhhehhee.. shhh my lips are sealed.

I became Gene's driver for the first time and the whole time in my car he was like.. "bb..BREAK!" wtff? (heh.. ego-bruised) Gene... I know you're readin this. ;p . He's so tall and big that made me look like a kid. But hey, I've got a bodyguard yo~. Lamoooee.... always with that flirtatious stare. *slaps* See.. now I became as lame as him already. hownowbrowncow? Dinner was yummy. I was damn shy lor. stupidnut.

Discussion Discussion Discussion..
Presentation's on next Monday. woots. *runs and hides* *yawns*
McDonalds for three nights in a row. CARBS.. burn baby burn!

I'm charmed. :)

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