Sunday, March 2, 2008

Dance It All Away, Dance Away My Yesterday

The Club Hopping Day!

Venue & The Stories:
1. Palacio, to meet Aleng, Chef Ben and the rest of the people. Chef amazed me with that human-made dick he and another chef made for a birthday party.

2. Bar Club, to meet Bryant and William, discussed about my work stuff. ;)

3. Cynna, had two free Cosmopolitan cause of yEng. wheeee! Hey Mr.DJ..

4. Maison, the initial plan was to club with Jolene but she bailed on me. So, I joined Nick Mah and his friends, I was the only girl in the bunch. Had some Dewar's.. Tipsy bit.. I love the night, maybe because I had some *moments* at the dance floor. Hotness but what a waste. xoxo.

5. Bar Celona, drove down at 2.30am to meet Wei San. Bar Celona wasn't as bad as what I was told. The music was pretty good, the ambience's very similar to Ruums though. Lots of lalas. So long I had my 'Low' and 'Calabria' ...yeahhh baby!


Was out havin a so-called lunch with Nick Mah and his friends. Ended up at Rack doing nothing. He was there.. sigh.. too bad.. unavailable.. sobs. Its kay, nothing bad havin another h-friend. lalala....

Joined Wei San at Poppy Garden in the night with her friends. Met Cindy's friends, Johnson, my college mates and some new people. I went up to Passion to hangout with Squirt* (Passion Boy) for awhile as I ordered a Malibu Rum and I got two glasses of Vodka Cranberry for free from the bartender. hehe. Left early as I was still feeling exhausted from the night before that. The night ended after supper with Mel at Kayu's.

Woke up with err.. 8 messages from J******. OMG. o'Boy.. girls hate desperados, just for your information. Especially me.
Had lunch with Mel and her hometown friends at Genki Sushi, The Curve. Vince joined us awhile later then both of us went shopping. He was the one doing all the shopping. As we were chilling at a coffee shop, we bumped into Vanessa! Our colleague two years back when I was working at Sisley, Vince at Brooks Brother. Okay Okay.. her friend was hot and so we decided to go down to KL with them. Had the peops called; Jing Xiu, Chui Yi, David, Aipeng. Aipeng had to use two fucking long hours to get to Picadilly, even after me showering, Vince chatting with daddi, a light meal..... goodness gracious!

There you go, we had the balance of the bottle of Chivas to ourselves after David, Jingx and C.Yi left. Bad idea.. I had this not-bad-looking dude talkin to Peng, danced with Jason and his friends, ouh.. not to mention I met JON!, had my hand burned by a stranger's ciggarette, had yummy lok-loks.. followed Joe to Poppy to find out that I dropped all my money when I was dancing in the club. Gee.. wait. I think I saw Hui Ting outside of the toilet before I left. HAH!

As for today, no pictures were taken. I had a lil meet-up with my girls at La Bodega, Bangsar. Went for threading after lunch and now.. pretty eyebrows.. :D
Did a little shopping around Telawi Street then to Midvalley with Aipeng. I had to get a new eyeliner to replace the one I dropped last night. Janise, my favourite make-up artist, my classmate, was working at M.A.C when I walked in. She became my cosmetic advisor and suggested Eye Khol and Powerpoint Eye Pencil. wheee... I got two new eyeliners! There goes my hundred bucks. :S
No more parties for me after this. It'll be all bout' $$$$$$$$$$ *kaching!*

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