Friday, March 21, 2008

Boys NOWAdays...

I have not been this far apart from my cellphone before. I'd probably left it at home at most and not to the extend that I left it with someone else. *screams* "Terry!! Where are you...!!"

Came home at five this morning after yumcha with Steff and her friends at Murni's. Someone created a scene there but nothing interesting, no fight. The cops came in the end.. blah..

Bar Club was really busy last night. There was a full moon party going on where girls who entered in bikinis got free entries. After work at two, I was being dragged in by this couple of guys I met during the New Year's Eve to party with them. Next was Kenneth.. then Steffie.. then that dude.. then it repeats again.. finally, up dancing on the bar. I'm so gonna get screwed by Sham tonight. lol. Vince came with.. er.. Joe Win..?? But I couldn't find him in there. Stupoid boy. Hah! Bet he was drunk! *teehee*

*ahem* I gotta stop blogging bout the club so much.. God knows who else besides Ernest reads my blog.. "Ernest you stalkER!" hah.. just kidding. Last night's music was pretty good though. Too bad they didn't play my 'Low' and 'Calabria'..

Speaking of which, bad things' been happening to my friends lately. Resignation from work, boyfriend issues, break-ups... I feel them. Too bad I can't do nothing to change the world into a better place. hah! I ain't God lah you stupid! *laughin stupidly at myself* But seriously, boys are nothing but trouble. Most of them at least. Nothing ever satisfies them, don't you think? Boys just love to play. ~you fuckin break her heart by cheating and im gonna fuckin break your reputation~


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