Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sie Yuen's 21st Birthday

Catch a glimpse of the memorable night..

*stretches body* *smiles*

I so miss last night! Happy Happy Birthday Gal! We had hell lot of dancing, yummy food and fun fun!

Sie Yuen's birthday party was held at Titanium Club (Phileo Damansara) last night. The whole place was booked for us with catered food. *wooowweeee* Everyone enjoyed themselves with fun chats, music and free flow of beers. (yEng.. you reading this...??) hahah.. you should've seen how Cyuen's dad danced.
Ebe's cousins; Benny, Gary, Michelle, BB came along..not forgetting aunt Joanne and the dad. xoxo. Have not seen the couz's for almost two years now as they live in Seremban. After the birthday cake and songs, we got Cyuen a Flaming Lamborgini. She got tipsy on those! Then...camwhore sessions after two bottles of Chivas.
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The next stop was Bamboo 9, after long consideration of the usual where-to-go. Had a bottle of Dewars and danced our night away. Terry was there too waiting for her bOYfriend. *ahem*
(Fatman's lok-lok is not as good as the Abang's lok-loks at Heritage Row. It even got my tongue bitten!)

I will upload more pictures from the party once I'm done with the editing. Till the next post comes in, Adios.

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tipsy darlene said...

ehhhhh!! your BOYFRIEND looks hot weyyy....*laughing out loud* =p