Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Day, My Tags

Girl: eh n***, please come for my serving tomorrow! I really need someone!
Guy: er.. what serving?
Girl: the usual one lah...

(the conversation went on for a couple of minutes then...)

Girl: wait. is this N*** Foo?
Guy: no.. its N*** Mah..

xoxo. what *sErviNG* eh girl? For a minute, he must have felt like the luckiest guy in the world havin a girl offering him a *service* on free will. funny.

She was actually offering him a dinner service, it was part of her course, hotel management.

hmm. I felt rather tired at college today. Maybe its because of my never-ending illness and the fact that it is the time of the month again. I don't like it. :(
I completed half of my CTR assignment today and just handed it in without taking a second look at that piece of crap work. I was so tired that I could not concentrate much in Mr. Indie's class and before class ended, he pulled a prank on us by making us do some silly things.

ain't telling you what cuz i'll be pulling it on you... ;)

Me tags.. my hot-list of the season..

- Shaun ;)
- Dylan ;s
- **** *** :)
- Daryll

sobs. hafta cancel tomorrow's yumchar session for college and work stuffs. aihs.
I need more clothes, more accessories, more bags, more heels, more perfumes......more of everything.

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