Sunday, March 16, 2008

Tasteless Mushroom Linguini

Completed an assignment today before going out to meet M at The Curve. Bought a purse at Guess' sale, for a very good price.

Finally bought his belated birthday present. One that matches his new shirt.

I wanted to get the Burberry's Brit Sheer perfume but unfortunately it ran out of stock. *sobs*

Never judge a book by its cover. Never judge food by its look. Dinner at Vivo.

It was tasteless. yuck.

As I was gettin the bill at the counter, I noticed a guy walking towards me. As I turned around, there standing next to me, a guy named FUNG HOW. My long lost favourite addict *coughs*. He was with his new chick and guess what? He will be going for Tiesto! yay! He was there with me at my first rave (UV Nation), now, the second one. I'm lookin forward to it in May.

11:33pm. love.

Memories are coming back.
It can't stop screening in my head.
Everything reminds me of ..
please, .. No..
Get Out.

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