Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Miss

Finally went to Asia Cafe today after a million..........................i mean, not THAT long lar.. was with a bunch of my classmates :) : Wei San, Mini and her boyfriend, Anis, Edmund, Kenny..

There, I bumped into Dixon, Elle, Kingsley, Euan and last but not least, Sean, for the very first time. Hi ;)

I'm gonna miss Gen's lunch service tomorrow. sobs. I missed her.. also Aby and Saz.. We used to do all sorts of stupid things in class back in highschool.

Earlier in the noon, I received an anonymous call. It was a guy. The conversation was something like this..

"Hey Darynne.. how've you been? I just came down to KL!"

"err..he..ey.. who's this?"

"this is **** you don't remember me? I missed you.."

"no, I don't remember. Do I know you?"

"yeaa.. I'm.......we met in KL.. when we were working.. you were in charge of something.. can we meet tonight?"

"No.. I wasn't in charge of Im busy."

"awww...but I missed you.. I came back from Sabah and you're the first person I thought of........"

*he started pretending to cry*

"err.. stop it."


Basically, I don't remember him. I doubt if I even know him. Crazy fucker and prank calls. I accidentally raised my voice in the library and the group next to my table turned to look at me with the wad-de-fuck-is-wrong-wid-her look. Stupid nut!

I don't really have to mood to work at Bar Club anymore. The people, the working time, the salary.. it just upsets me. I missed Palacio, despite the fact that they deducted my pay, I still love the people and the kind of crowd they get there. Decent, more civilized, mature, friendly.. and I made so many new friends there. Over at Bar Club, people don't give two fuck bout' who you are, some are so fuckin rude and rowdy, long hour work from 6.00-2.30, unstandardized systems...blaHh. I even once came across this adult man who started unzipping his pants in front of his friends a couple of times outside of the club!

I miss Chef Ben. I miss Aleng. I miss my free flow of liquor. I miss Abang Tam. I miss dancing at the entrance and learning to do flaming with Contreau. I miss smoking whenever I want at work and chat with the guests. I miss walking to Cynna next door just to say hi to Joe. We were like a big family. I miss them all. :(

I'll give it a shot for a month to see how it goes, and if things are still as bad, I'll leave. I much prefer to just club there, rather than work. sigh.

You guys.. SO GOTTA WATCH THIS! Its hell funny, but hey, don't get offended aye?
Rant On Stink People

omg. I realized that Ryan Higa looks like someone. :s


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