Monday, March 24, 2008

Boys and Balls

After long consideration.. I finally bought these. I couldn't find any nice shoes with Ebelin last night so I fetched her home after shopping at OU. Next, to Steffie's then Kayu's to meet the Ego-Bruised bunch. The whole place was packed with football fanatics. MU won Liverpool, Chealsea won Arsenal. hah. Though I was never a fan of watching sausages chasing after a ball and how the players pathetically roll on the ground a few rounds after getting just a slight kick or a push, I somehow enjoyed the match. Mia was pretty much stoning last night, my mind was everywhere! omg.. I've got the Penguin's disease! heehee. Got home around two and went to sleep without setting my alarm. And so, I was late for class this morning. Later, I will be meeting Jan, Ben, Kenny and Leyvin for PR discussion. Damn. Due date's like.. next week? We're so screwed this time. :S

See.. See.. I'm lurvin' it!

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tipsy darlene said...

heyyyy...footballers aren't sausages okay?? they are human beings...just WAY talented in football! =p