Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ted In An Accident

I was revising earlier when I heard of a tragic which happened to one of my college mate, Ted. This was what Ben told me.

b E n *- ted met with an accident this morning 5am like dat on the federal highway near amcorp mall. admitted into university hospital quite serious hit from the rear and the car spun and rolled. i was clubbing with him then we left in separate cars to meet in another place

Miss Shapalapadingdong: how bad is his injury?

b E n *- his face badly injured, one of our friends died on the spot, 3 were sitting behind when it happenned, 3 of them flew out of the car including ted

Miss Shapalapadingdong: fuck man, then the driver and front passenger?

b E n *- driver nothing at all, passenger was ted's chick, she was sleeping when it happened and woke up in hospital, the seat belt injured her badly

Miss Shapalapadingdong: omg is ted still conscious?

b E n *- yup, might be going singapore to do plastic surgery

Miss Shapalapadingdong: why suddenly happen?

b E n *- accident, another car hit

I did not believe in the beginning but how could I not? We are like in the midst of examination and this happened? Ben couldn't be pulling another prank on me, would he? Thank God Ben and Janise were not involved in the crash. Pray hard that Ted and the rest are okay.

First mid term paper starts tomorrow morning. Good Luck fellow youssss..

you guys..don't forget Phua's Newsletter make-over, PR individual assignment and Mr.quite-hot-lecturer's photo editing.


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