Saturday, February 23, 2008

Get Over It Already.. :(

I thought I was dreaming again when I received a call from dad, Ebelin and Eu Vin this morning/afternoon when I was sleeping. It was almost 3 when I woke up as I slept real late this morning.

After meeting Mr.Charming a.k.a Edmund at college yesterday to pass him the Adobe CD, James and I went to catch a movie at Cineleisure.

Hell yeah the movie was darn good.
Starring The Beauty, Briana Evigan (Andie) and The Hottie, Robert Hoffman (Chase),
Step Up 2 is definitely the movie of the year, according to me. (xoxo) Andie looks a lot like Brooke from One Tree Hill and the cheerleader from Heroes, don'tcha think? I was drooling over Chase..he's so f****** hot! sssssssszz*it burns. Quote me baby.

It was Dominique's farewell last night. He's returning to Miri this Sunday to continue his next sem. He's got this obsession over Korean and China chicks.. apparently they're "super hot" *sigh* Dom will always be Dom..can't blame him. ;p

Came home at 5 this time after another drink at Kayu's. It was a good day, he said.

wooow. look who's back?!

my baby...midget!

sexayy back.

The colour didn't quite turn out like how I've imagined it. well.. better than the previous one though, it carried too much of bad memories. Can't seem to get over it, not fully. Everything reminds me of ..... fucked up.

blaaaHHh! help me.

Last night, I was told that when a guy goes back to a girl after breaking up and give her another hope or tell her another "I love you", all he wants is just sex.

Guys, is it true? I guess it is..

Girls, don't be so stupid.

i don't trust love anymore. i fear it.

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