Tuesday, February 26, 2008

From Yesterday

Three 3 down, 1 more to go..
The last paper will be tomorrow..Mr-Quite-Hot lecturer's *ahem* class. I think I'll get Jenn, May, Jan, Fenny, Maggie and all to zap-zap him. xoxo

I could answer my CTR paper for the FIRST bloody time. OMG. Miracle. hah..not!
I had three alarms set, one at 7am, 7.30am, then 8.00am. Cut the story short, I woke up at 8.
Jumped outta the bed and got prepared for my oh-so-important last minute CTR revision. It was all gooooooood. hah. Nicely thinking that my paper's at 10.30am, I drove out of home at 9.15am. Then, I realized something was wrong, checked timetable and FUCK. It's at 10.00am. Speed to college, had no idea where my class is, went all the way to programme office making myself sound like a bimbo ..

"Hi! I've got an exam right now, mid term. But I don't know where my class is. Please help..", with a smile on my face, I said that.

I swear that the lady so wanted to give me a tight slap. xoxo.
..that was after that many phone calls I've made to Grace, Kenny, Ms.Nicole, Wei San.....

I tried to study MHL in the car but the outcome of it was no good at all. My itchy fingers were messing aroung with everything in my ride. sigh. By the way, me love photography. *randomness*

I went to look for Mel after the exams ended. I drove passed this place the other day, it captured my attention so I decided to give it a try. My girls were supposed to join us but too bad, they were busy. (our visit Ted plan was cancelled due to some reasons)

This is..

The food was pretty good. I rate it 3 Star and I love their Strawberry Cheesecake.
I can bring you there, but ain't gonna tell you where! :p

I present to you, KOKOPELLI.

The night ended at Kayu's. nuff said.

I can't read you yet.
oh no..not another one..

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