Friday, February 29, 2008

Boys Just Love To Play

For some reasons, I find all guys are about the same. What ever show they put on, what ever sweet words they say, what ever compliments they give you, when they have you under control, all they want is just to play. You should get what I mean.

It is probably their nature, their raging hormones, their.....

One minute you're dancing with them on the dance floor, next minute their fingers go running elsewhere..this and tell me.

No guys are perfect. The best ones are either taken or they're players. None are 101% loyal to their so-called love of their life or what ever crap they call it. Even when they are with someone they love already, at the end of the day, they will still come out and play. Just for the sake of having some fun, something fresh. They're never satisfied with what they have and often give in to temptations. So, in the end, scandals.

The not-so-good ones couldn't fulfill the criteria. Personality or appearance problems, turn-offs. Well, majority are in this kind. Forever trying, and trying, and trying. Okay.. some may be lucky to find a good one, some just keep failing. Poor thing. In this, it is also applicable to us females. We cannot deny that alright. sobs.

All guys are boys at heart. Most men too. (ya ya.. weihui's talkin as if she knows them so well. blah blah just shut up) Honestly, that is what I see in them. Pretty much predictable you know. Half of the time you're just acting stupid as if you don't know what they are up to. don't think we're stupid okay?

The ones you eye on are either interested but unavailable or just couldn't give two fuck bout you. The ones you never laid an eye on, not even for a second, you know lah.. need me say more?

(I'm not pointing this towards anybody okay.. don't get me wrong.)

aduii.. wobuchetao lah.. pening sial. Some shyts just keep happening. that's why.

It is.. what you guys call it "" fuckinretard!

To those who gets turn off easily, like mia, what should we do to ourselves man. Play play play... and what do we get out of it in the end? nothing. okay okay.. grow old and tell your grand-grand-grand-children how you've once made out with random hotties in clubs, had scandals with people's boyfriends, smoked your lungs away every chance you get, got drunk twice weekly, slept with how many hundreds of guys in your 80 years life time, ........ wonder how is it gonna be like. hmm. xoxo.


you're helpless lah gohweihui!


I'm going nuts!

Lemme hear your say.

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Arthur Lam said...

Haloo..random drop by. lol. well in certain aspects its a girls job to 'control' the boys when needed. I know i know, we might say 'stop controlling us'. Hey, naturally girls are smarter than guys. so do your thaang. =P At the end of the day, it still lies on mutual understanding. And to have one to understand you mutually, whoahh. Thats a challenge to all. True? not true? haha


Ian said...

all guys same?! hmm..

Phatdolla said...

xoxo. Dear Arthur, I agree, like totally. Girls take control.. but then again, guys wouldn't let us in. You guys'll start whining and complaining then in the end, blame it all on us. Then say we stress you guys lha blablabla.. Its all about the right person at the right time. ;)

Phatdolla said...

Dear Ian, I don't know bout you lha. Are you one of em'? hmm.... hehe