Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Visiting Ted

Mid Terms ENDED! I'm FREE. What a relief. Time to DE-STRESS!

Bloody hell. We were waiting outside of Ted's wad when the boys started cracking stupid jokes and played with everything they could find. Exp: Alcohol Hand Sanitizer.. (Kenny got high on it, Leyvin couldn't stop laughin at him/with him, Edmund, Mini, San and I just shook our heads)

Leyvin: eH Kenny. Why don't you flick the CPR thing laa. Then go home and try on your dad.

and.. porn for Ted? WTF man.

Had a long tiring day yesterday walking around the mall, three yumcha sessions, got owned in pool (as usual), ....

Lately, whenever I'm out till four or five in the morning yumcha-ing, it's either with M or him..this demanding kidnapper.

So if one day I go missing in action out of a sudden, you know who to find lah. xoxo.

oOo..oOo.. I was forced to blog about this..: DAVID IS SO FUCKIN SWEET....OMG.. SO ROMANTIC...YADDAADDAAYYAAADAAAA.... =S

nuff said baby. LOVE.

official? have patience.

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