Monday, February 25, 2008

Good News vs Bad News

Exams.. o-nooo...

Let me first give you the bad news. It is regarding my previous post about Ted, he really met an accident and is currently in bad condition. Ted's girlfriend suffered from internal bleeding, the other back passenger is still in coma while the driver's a-okay. This new guy at college (architecture) died on the spot during the accident. They were in a Myvi when another car hit them from the back (if I'm not mistaken), the car spun, turned over, and the three fellows at the back flew out of the car (Ted's one of em').

Could you imagine that? My classmates and I are going to the hospital after our two papers tomorrow noon to visit them. You guys out there.. DRIVE PROPERLY! especially when you're driving a Malaysian car.

Now, the good news. I have two of it though.

Firstly, PR paper was pretty okay.. I could answer 80% of it. lalalalala~
but i've got two tough papers tomorrow. :(

Secondly, I'm going to BANGKOK! say whud? Bang-KOK! wheeeeeee.....! Ebelin booked the tickets already and we'll be leaving in June.
Sie Yuen, Ebelin, Aipeng, Eugene and I will be travelling together, SHOP TILL WE DROP! woooehooooe! Party Party Baby!


boy.. are you for real?

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