Thursday, February 14, 2008

Loved & Lost

14th of February, the day every couple looks forward to yearly. I mean the girls. Candlelit dinner, bouquet of roses, expensive gifts, most importantly the person next to you.

agree not?

Many walked out of my life, the important people. Last night, another one walked away.
One I thought was special. His bits and pieces of love he said that still exist will distinct soon. He fell for someone else.

*I will forever be someone special to you in your life?* you sure bout that? why did you sleep with her then?

I remember the days when I had to wait at his college for his class to end, went for his last play "Lao Jiu" and having to see his big smile once it ended, wake-up calls, surprises one after another, getaway plans we had, Jess-maine?, lame jokes he cracked to make me laugh, ....
the silly boy as he is.

"I think he likes you. Too bad, you're mine! muacks.."

Those were the days when you were mine.

We had fun, though not for long. We said it will last, we promised each other, whispered into my ears, together till our wedding day? How he said he would hate me if I ever leave.. look who was talking.

He probably forgot it all by now.

I remember this..

It kills me inside to see all these, to find out so much of his lies, words which put a smile on my face every morning. I felt so owned, got so used to it. *pooftth* reality call.

How did he fall out? because of his best friend he claimed to be? How was he treating me back then? yet.. I still didn't wanna let go. Didn't wanna give up.. until the very end.

Have anyone in his life done anything like what I did for him? or did he just prefer the ordinary ones.. I gave my all. I loved him.

Good Bye my lover, my friend, my love.

If I ever see you again, guess it would be in Singapore.
with a girl next to you, hands in hands, but not me.

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