Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dude, Where's My Steamboat?

It is now 12.22 in the noon. Last night, Mel, her boyfriend and Xing* picked me up to have steamboat. We ended up having Western food in Taipan as we couldn't find the restaurant Janice told me about in Sunway. The food was alright although my Caesar salad tasted a bit weird. We each had a fortune cookie to ourselves (Fortune Cookie: Chinese cookies with a paper note in it). They sent me home at around 9 or so.

Half way doing my work on the Internet, I got a message from James Chee at about 11 something asking me out for a drink. I was trying to rush an assignment for Mr.Phua but he was so stubborn that he kept pushing me even after a million times of me saying "I can't", I finally gave up and went out to have a drink with him. I needed a puff anyways. We had a really long chat. By the time we realize how many hours have passed, it was about.. err.. 3.40am? This guy sure knows a lot of things and he talks a lot.

Got home at about 4, washed up and went to bed without taking my medication. Woke up this morning with a slight sore throat. crap.

I'm off to college now to meet Colin. Adios babeyh.

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