Monday, February 18, 2008

Featuring Alan T & S.Hui Jing

Alan Tan Kim Loong
Born on..
Origins of..
A former Lasallian.. Current HELP
1980s baby..
Hot, Charming, Intelligent, Friendly, Nice, Sexy... *ahem*

Vote for him! Click here..

There. Being an awesome friend as I am, I helped him to do publicity as I agreed to. He totally deserve it. The Finale falls on the 7th March, Friday at Zouk KL. Think he's hot? Come give him your support!

Alan T, featured.

Sin Hui Jing
Born on..
Origins of..
A Former CHS'.. Current TARC
1980s baby..
Beautiful, Charming, Intelligent, Talented, Sexy, Hot, Humourous..
Sign up and vote for her at.. ITalentStar:HuiJing
She's a good friend whom I've worked with a couple of times. A really nice and funny girl.
Just vote for her you guys. She's absolutely hot!

ITalentStar Launch Party
23 February, Saturday
8pm – Late (Show Starts @ 8.30pm)

Hui Jing, featured.

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