Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Thanks. What bout CNY?

Hope it was real

Hope it was true
Hope there were no lies
Out of you

Three days Two nights
Two days One night
Whatever it is
Hope I was right

I want no lies
I want no shyts
Another rumour
Trust, you'll lose it

Money, Love, Family, Friends
Lose one of it
You lose it all
Ask the 'seasoned'
They will tell you much more

Have Faith my 'one'
Have Faith
Be True, Stand Firm, Stay Concentrated
At the end of the day
You will know I mean

Thanks, for fullfilling my last request. Glad you remembered.

But then, again..
you're still doing the same you said you didn't or wouldn't do
How am I to ever trust you
Cry cry cry.. laughed you meant?
gosh.. fed up already
Thank God I have.......

Quote me baby. This is what CNY is all about to me..

"Visiting and blahblahblah.. the usual rituals.. bORing. Still prefer Christmas, dontcha think? No noisy Lion Dance, smelly firecrackers, fattening food (no doubt its all yummy), despite the fact that we get 'ang pao's.. sometimes with only 2 RINGGIT M'sia. Dang.. stingy people nowadays. hahah." -I said the same to Russel-

This year is extra special. Will tell you why when I'm done with the photos yeah?
Muchoo Lovvee

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