Sunday, February 17, 2008

Surprises Make Me Happy

Current School Of Communication student project..
Some Turtle thingy..
This mascott just entered my computer lab earlier to do some publicity.

I'm so TIRED!! Slept at 5am this morning after rushing my MHL assignment. I skipped IDTP class earlier to come home. Dad took my Midget to the workshop today so I had to drive his manual Proton around till when I got a call from him earlier saying he'll come fetch me to choose my car colour. Surprise surprise! I told him about my Bangkok trip in the car.

"Dy.. if I go to Bangkok, you pay for my flight ticket lar then no need to respray my car. "

"Oh... $#@%& okay no need then.."

*browsing through the colours*

"aiya.. nevermind lar. spray only."

"Then my flight tickets how?"

" I'll pay for it"

*wow! what's going on? am I dreaming or what?*
"okayyyy..! I want.........this colour"
I fucking love him! Dad's the man! whooohooo..
Joe just called awhile ago. We've just got another two deals in hand with one on hold. What a good news! She even got me a job on Thursday which turns out to be for-malays-only.
How racist can that be?!

The other day I mentioned that I went to Laundry before Mardigras right? I was actually there because my friend, Dj Warren-V, was spinning that night so he invited me over. Melissa and her BF joined me there. Met Warren before he started his thing as he said he had something for me (to thank me for editing his pictures). Surprise! Another flowers.
Thanks, it was lovely.

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