Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hungry Cops

Stubborn me have not been listening to doc's advice again. I had rice for dinner and a late night shower which was the cause of my bad cough. I had no choice, I was home late.

I just got home twenty minutes ago. Earlier in the evening, I went to the police station with Melissa and her boyfriend to forge a report (my fourth time there). It's between Mel and her boyfriend's cousin, so I shall not elaborate on that. It was his fault. Mel was made to buy the cops KFC for having an expired driving license. what nonsense. 30 bucks for the chickens is better than 300 bucks fine, right?

We left the police station around eleven to have a drink at the mamak near my place. They serve the best Nasi Lemak and Maggi Goreng in PJ according to many. Even Ivan Yap said so.

Go give it a try, you might love it too.
I had a little talk with Mel's boy before that when she wasn't around. I could tell from his tone of voice that he loves her a lot. Though he works and stays at JB/Melaka, which is a few hours of drive away, he often travel down to PJ during the weekends just to spend some time with her. How many boyfriends would do that? He practically pays for most of her things; rents, car, phone bill..etc. He also said he was thinking about having a family with her once his career is stable. Not many guys would do what they say but he sounded pretty genuine. Call me guillable but I believe him. unlike some people..

Mel hunnay, he loves you. Treasure this relationship. My blessings to both of you, sweetheart. He could be the one you're waiting for.

This is Melissa. The one of my closest friend in town. One I share most secrets with besides Joe and Vince. One who will call you out when she know you're in trouble and then just seat there quietly next to you until you start telling her your problems. She may crack the lamest jokes in the world at times, be extremely crazy at times, cheer you up with the silliest way possible, but she's been a very good friend. I love you dear. She's beautiful at heart.

I just got a new nickname today from DJ Warren. Baby D, that's what he gave me. xoxo. It's getting late now. 8 o'clock class in the morning. nighty-nights baby.

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