Sunday, February 17, 2008

This Two Guys

Firstly, let me just clarify that this post is all about this two person.

Person number 1 is this guy I love, but not in love with.

I know I know.. don't worry, it's not about my ex. He is someone really special in my life. but hey! Not my dad either! xoxo

This he I've known for years. I remember that morning, when I woke up, feeling my worst, in tears. I called him, wanting to tell him about everything that was going on. I drove to his place instead. It was in the afternoon then. As I started talking to him, I broke down.

"I've never seen you like this before.. stop crying already.. you look ugly when you cry..,"

I remembered him telling me that. Funny enough, I smiled but still.. with tears rolling down my cheek.

It was the moment I will never forget. It was one of my worst. I've had my ups and downs. He's had his too. He's the one who was always there to lend an ear and shoulder whenever I needed one most.

Thank you.

Though he always annoy the shyt out me whenever I'm out with him, he will shut up in the end when I ask him to. hahahs That's what I'm talking about. He knows when I'm troubled. God knows how. He just know it. He'll try his very best to comfort me with silly words but he often fails. lalala~ and he knows it too. :p

Nono.. don't get me wrong. He doesn't have a thing for me, neither do I have any for him. It is just a special relationship that we have. Both full of shyts. xoxo

(This is cheesy.. but heck? Appreciate lar bit!) hehe.
Bottom line is, he's the greatest friend I could ever ask for. I treasure everything we've had. Cheers. Love you big time! *you know who you are*

Okay, next. This is, also, a guy. Don't ask me why. I'll blog about my girls next alright?

I remember when I first met him, at the office where I worked in last year. He looked like some bloody conman, like seriously (speaking in that bimbo tone). As I got to know him better while working at roadshows with him, I realised that he's another talk-cock-king like the first guy I mentioned. No doubt that he's a really funny guy, and a very nice one.

I remembered being put at the office for about a month with him. The office was new so there were only the three of us working including the manager, Sean. Every day, I'll be disturbing him. He did the same too. At times we'll slack and start chatting the hours away. I will try to access to his notebook to check out the pictures he had. There was this once when I found a photo of this chick in her inner piece but I pretended to not see it. (Now you know!) xoxo .

When I was at Singapore to check out the campuses there, he was there, accompanied me and showed me around (he's a Singaporean). He will never let me pay for most of the things, even our meals when we were working or cab rides. I'm like this innocent little girl to him. (but hey..I ain't no small kid okay)

Those were the days-lah. I haven't seen him for almost two years now. but guess what??!

HE'S BACK! Royston's back! I just got a call from him awhile ago. He's currently in JB visiting his grandparents and will be in town on Tuesday. wheeeeee! *jumps around with my yellow pom-poms* He will be bringing his sweetheart along. lalala~ First, Pam. Now, who?

whoever lah! I'm so excited! (yo! you fellow Dream Team's.. lets gather once more!)

~Royston must be smiling reading these.. :)~

Here are some random shots of the day.. enjoy

Now back to my assignment. shyt.

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