Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I only have a class on Thursdays which leaves me a lot of time in the day to do my others stuffs. Today was supposed to have a meeting at NSTP, Bangsar but it was being called off last minute. I ended up at Starbucks evaluating the profiles in our (T.I.S) database with Joe.

I wonder how can some people be such idiotics to send me profiles without pictures, pictures without profiles, pictures with silly poses like 1-2-5 (kawaii style), handphone pictures..etc. It is an essential to have studio pictures for your portfolios or at least decent and clear shots of yourself when you create your profile. The reason is because these pictures are to be shown to the clients, not just for our own references. Get whad I mean?
nuff said baby.

I came across this girl's profile. In it she mentioned..

"Hobby : Singing Performe . Sun tan . Shopping . I LIke To Sing N Performed ..Im Looking A BAnd To Join As Well..I Got no Expreriece To Sing On Stage . Im Looking For Who InterestedTo Train Me As A Perfect Performer n Singer In This World ..Entertainment Job For E****e Always Avalidable ..Waiting For CAlll...Than k"

Like ohmigod. What was in her head when she typed that? PeRfECt-iN-tHe-wORld..... xoxo. Broken English..Joe and I both just couldn't stop laughing reading it. Like hello? get the picture?

Ever Ever After. It's playing in the tv box infront of me right now. Is there really a "Happily Ever After" ? Does it really really exist in this world of injustice, selfishness and ... I really doubt so. Maybe just a very few in a billion. hah. What a joke. but I want mine.. sobs

Realize by Colbie Caillat, one of my current favourite track. I mean.. look at her. I think she's beautiful and her voice is.. not to say fantastic, but it is pretty good actually.
Calabria 2007 by Enur ft Natasja, Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis and Tattoo by Jordin Sparks are another few favourite tracks of mine this season.

H***, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I said no dates, but I didn't say no friendship.
I'm Sorry.

No more lies. I'm hurt enough.

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