Saturday, February 2, 2008

A Night at PJ De Inn

Original plan to Klang was cancelled. I meant Vince's Birthday gathering, thats what I would call it. Ended up a smoking, eating, drinking and poker session. We were all down pretty early. Finished a bottle of wine, Chivas and Absolute Blackcurrant.. yummay! Had pretty weird feelings about the room though, PJ De Inn. Know where? Situated near States (m'sia..duh), near Nirmala's. Some cheap-ass room with basic facilities. Not too bad. Except the fact that I kept seeing an extra person. Maybe I was too jammed up.
good fun babey.

Clubbing session this week? Its CNY !! I want my red packets! Give it to me! Another year older, so gimme more! -lalalallaala-

Next, Ice Ice Baby! -dances to the music- Ice Ice Baby!

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