Tuesday, February 19, 2008


*yawns* Just got home awhile ago from Aman Suria. I was there for a drink with David, Wei Juan, Leland, Chee Siang and his girlfriend, this young looking guy named James and another guy whom I've forgotten his name (sorry). Someone said he was alone and needed help so I went there to find a bunch of guys talking about cars..Cars..CARS. The whole time I was feeling drowsy because of these..

My cough and flu worsened last night so dad decided to bring me to the doc's. Just look at the amount of pills with cough syrup in addition to that. I've been dragging it since I last went to Genting. I could hardly taste any food I eat now, even cigarettes. I got an MC last night so I skipped classes this morning and slept till noon.

Mr.Jerry said my Mr.Right will come, just wait, it's all about fate. yeah.. I agree. If it's not mine, it will never be mine.
I miss him dearly, but I know he will never be mine, his heart will never be. Oii. Dear Mr.Right.. mana you?
It's bed time now. I'm starting to feel the kick of those colourful pills already. If I don't wake up tomorrow morning, you know what I mean.. sorry-lah, no more blog updates. No internet connection in heaven. xoxo

Good Night loves.

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