Saturday, February 16, 2008

A lil' Bout Mom

Okay. Final calculation done after another two red packets came in all the way from Singapore today from my cousins. One of them's married with a baby girl. The other one, don't know why she gave me for.. they all give me money everytime I meet them. Earning big bucks in Singapore with those beach boys sure is fun, though most of them are quite
6 relatives+2%$#+dad+mom+2cousins = RM925.00

hmm.. not too bad. But how come I only have RM350.00 left in my purse?

I bought these yesterday.. cut my hair the other day.. and other miscellaneouses..
Boy.. I sure need to control my spendings before I become broke.

It's weird how things are lately. I meant my parents when I said that. Mom brought back a few tins of CNY cookies and I cannot deny that it tasted darn good. She, by far, is the best cook who's home-cooked food I've tasted. Everybody would probably say the same bout their mom, but really, her food is good. Well, she cooks in Singapore, so no wonder her skills improved.

A woman's cooking could tie a man's heart. Is that really true?

eww.. dad's falling for it! Why do I have a feeling that things are gonna change in ten years time. I should learn to cook to tie my man's heart. xoxo
Throughout the past 13 years have proved how we've been better off without mom. I mean like, I AM better off without her for sure. Even if my parents were to be together again, that better be after I leave the house.

You see, without her all these years, I've had full freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. I practically have the access to everything. Dad acknowledges what I do but he could not control me. I'm just too stubborn. What can I say? It runs in the family.
With mom's abscence, I had no choice but to be independant and to do things on my own. It teaches me to observe and learn, never make the same mistakes and always try to be better.

The last word I would wanna have in my marriage in the future would be Divorce.
Who would ever want that?

However, it seems to be a pretty common thing happening in this century. But hey, I thought people are supposed to be more 'civilized', you know.. to be able to solve problems rationally and not commit silly acts like divorcing. How should I handle situations like that when it occurs then? *ponders* "CHOii!!" touch-wood!


Just for your information, this is my greatest fear of all time, separation.
I hate it when it happens, especially to me or people around whom I know. Life's unpredictable you see, you either make it or break it. Learn from my folks! They broke it!.. almost lar.. *sigh*

Too bad for them.

If things doesn't work out for me, I'd just be a widow till my last day on earth.
(that's what I've been telling everybody)

Mel... I want my Laundry pictures.. Nicole.. I want my Mardi pictures..

Does anybody have any books on Official Secret Act (OSA)? I need it for my Media History & Law assignment which has to be due this coming Monday. Text me if you have it please?

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