Monday, July 14, 2008

5SC5 Monkeys Reunion

wOoOoOOHOOOOooo!!!!*jumps around* yyeEEEeeehAWWwwwwwwwwww!!!

I'm gonna meet aH-Jong, aH-Leong, aH-Tong, aH-Soh and aH-Yee after soooooooooooooooo long! I'm so excited! You pompuans... we party puas-puas this Thursday yoee!! wheeeeeee... I miss you guys so much! Reminiscing the days when we turned our class upside down, scared our history teacher away, got kicked outta class, irritated the shyt outta the teachers, sang to the song Aby & Yvonne played on the guitar (Leaving On The Jetplane), laughed at the condoms that fell infront of the male teachers during assembly and made Gen climb onto the roof to pick it up, baked Brownies for our class magazine fund, sneaked food into class and got it all confiscated by Debbie half the time, and so much more! awwwww...

I remembered how I hated wearing 'pinafore' to school which never failed to make me look fatter than usual. Is that how you even spell that ugly piece of uniform? I loved Baju Kurung so much as I loved sleeping in class, the baggy thing with long sleeves let me sleep so comfortably, plus the cold weather in the morning and having our classes placed at shaded areas were the best thing we could asked for.

I also remembered the day when I had to rush my SPM are project the entire night and not sleep at all fearing that I will oversleep, just to find out that I could have handed my work in the next day too. I survived on a packet of Ying-Yong from Prince Cafe. I will never forget that restless day.

Have I told you how beautiful my school is now? I meant, they renovated the canteen with beautiful seats and Astro, built the new building and all when we were there, but now it is even nicer as what I've seen from the pictures on Facebook. Oh yeah, Sister Enda plays Facebook. Don't mess with that woman, we LoVe her singing.. and her, duh, so adorable. I'm proud to say that our canteen food were so yummy! Unlike other schools, example: my sis' lousy old school. hahah! My dad didn't want her to be naughty like me, or should I say he had bad impression of my school as I've always complained about the lazy teachers. Oh well, I'm an Assuntarian, always will be, and am proud of it. hah!

WHEEEE! Love Love BIG TIME! See you all this Thursday!!!!!!! :)


RVL said...

not bad.. i like the blog..

Darynne G said...

Thanks. You are?