Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cherkiee Day!

As told by ginger, its the CHERKIEE DAY! I meant
Jason a.k.a Cherk's 23th Birthday!
The big-boy Jase was not drunk, Steff was. What on earth!?
I couldn't help but to bully Tatt Wei last night. He's sooooo paranoid! hahah! (You don't look gay-lah. You just look like my *** friend) xoxo. Forgive my manners.. it was my first time meeting you.. and.. HAH! Miss D couldn't care less. He's a nice cute boy, spare him.
Poppy was packed last night, well, as usual. Unfortunately, I did not spot any hottie. What a disappointment. Aipeng, Khean and King came somehow and Arthur was there too, drinkin by himself when he nudged me by surprise.
Jase better claim back the gift I got him or he can kiss his only present Goodbye..

and.. we bumped into Jess at Murni's.

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