Thursday, July 24, 2008

Live Up The Assuntarian Spirit!

Back to school.. Back home..

I had a visit to my former highschool the other day to collect my 2006 SPM cert after two years. Besides the new art building, nothing much has changed. Taking a step back into the school gave me the old feelings again. The people, the food, the sleep in class, the glam events which took part.. I've always been proud of my beautiful school regardless of my hatred towards homework. My school has always been popular amongst the boys around town, duh, it's an all-girl school after all.

Why is it called the Thinking Pool? Okay, fine. It's built so that the students could have some peaceful moments there as they read or what not. It has been there for ages. It's like a Wishing Pool as for some of us do flick some coins into it hoping that our wishes could be granted. *ahem* With the noises that come from the classes nearby, what peace could we get? hah.

Like it or not, I think it's beautiful.

We could not access into the gallery. This was the closest shot I could get of the room, sadly.

Look, the canteen is facilitated with TV and proper seats.

Ouh, girls, remember how we used to love the potatoes and curry? It was our favourite stall.

The last stop we had was the Biologi lab to visit Pn. Jasminder. She still remembers us, duh. She must have had a hard time dealing with a bunch of monkeys like us in her class for that two years. Pretty sure she loved us best!

Assunta teachers are RICH. This ride belongs to this former Miss Penang. hahah. I remembered her *In The Room With Husband* joke. Come on, she actually told us of it in class alright? She may look insane but she's definitely a cool one.

For some reason, it is funny how we still obey the No Black Stairs rule even when we're already out of school. For those non-Assuntarians, there's a rule about this stairs near the teachers office. It's not black, it looks perfectly normal, and students are prohibited from using that stairs. It's for teachers only. Some said it was haunted, some said there's a curse on that... you know.. rumours.. We respected it anyway.

SHOOT HER DOWN! She's VG, our school guard and she's a major pain in the ass. Trust me, you don't wanna be nice to her, not even for a minute.

Dear parents, you would want to send your children to Assunta. It is indeed a beautiful school with beautiful people, producing beautiful and intelligent students. Drop the nonsenses people's been telling you about how naughty the students turned out to be. These students are bright enough to be successful in life. Assuntarians are unique in our own ways, each and every one of us, with strong personalities. We've got the spirit living us up through our daily lives. Our school is not fully supported by the government so could you consider that as a convent school? Ask the PM's wife, she's also a former Assuntarian.

"Assunta Golden Jubilee Gala DinnerOur Alma Mater is 50!… Both the school and the Alumni are lining up a host of exciting activities to celebrate our Golden Jubilee. Here's the finale, relive the Assunta Spirit at our Golden Jubilee Dinner, a once-in-a-lifetime event you simply must attend!... "

9 August 2008 (Saturday)

JW Marriot Hotel, KL

6.30pm (Catch up time)
7.30pm (Dinner & other programs)

Assunta Alumni Members: RM200 per person
Non-members: RM250 per person

The Star has already covered the event.

More information on our official Assunta Alumni website.


Grace W. said...

Ding dong, your ex school's damn cool wey....yerrr....mine so lau pek wan! =p

Darynne G said...

abudhen! my sis' in your school weyy.. xoxo