Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's Just Me

I have sweet treats when I emo.

I love city view and wants my own apartment.

I want to visit Europe on my own someday.

I cry when I watch sad/happy news and movie endings.

I think my dad is a Hero.

I am trying to lose 4kg.

I have many secret crushes. shh.

I like keeping thoughts to myself.

I can be selfish at times.

I will get myself baptized someday.

I am a big kid at heart.

I tend to be sensitive and paranoid but I don't show.

I cannot handle a relationship.

I spread love, I do not share.

I am recruiting boy-friends to gimme joyrides when I'm in need.

By the way, it's 12.30am now. I'm sitting here in front on my notebook, slurping on a hot bowl of noodle in an air-cond room. I think I can eat this shyt every day man, it taste so good. Ken Nie is so tempted to eat right now. *laugh out loud* I missed dinner okay, he didn't! A chilled packet of freshly made soya bean is waiting for me in the fridge. Ciao.

wishing and missing..

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