Tuesday, July 8, 2008

It's Daughtry! Not Dorothy!

*SIGH* What a boring day!

On the day when I decided to drive my lazy butt all the way to college to enquire about my stuffs is the day when the lecturer had to take leave. Ms. Karam will only be back next week if I'm not mistaken. I annoyed the shyt outta Ms Tharshni the first time going into the staff room. The second time I went back there, guess who opened the door for me?
Mr. HOT Lecturer!! wahahahhahaa!!! excitement. "ouh, you cut your hair..". xoxo. Fine fine.. Kenny, Ben, .. shuttup. Stop telling me that he checked out all the girls in our class. Blardyy beetches! This sem is so gonna be dramatic. Wonder who's gonna be the champion this time? hmm..

Wanna know something about me? I LOVEeeee shopping for stationary. I can spend hours doing all that trying-choosing-retrying-try more stuffs.. I love love love funky notebooks and journals. However, good things come with heavy price tags like my beloved pink planner that kept me on track and served me well throughout the year.

Yellowman: eh eh ......Chris Dorothy is comin down..
Miss D: dunno who.. not interested
Yellowman: neh.. the one who sang.. this this and that..
Miss D: ahhh..... dunno.
*a music video plays on the tv screen*
Yellowman: neeeehhhh!!!!! That one!
Miss D: That's Chris DAUGHTRY lah fuck!
Yellowman: oh.. sorry sorry.. I hangout too much with the M's

Tag: Yellowman, Cheerleader, Goldenspoon and last but not least, Mr Hot Lecturer

Global Gathering on November 8 2008 in Melaka!
Three days after my birthday.. sobs.
Don't you dare forget!
Shyt.. Internship la how?

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