Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Miss Air-stewardess & Bee Jay. She inspired me to be an air-stewardess. He entertained me the entire time.

Zalfie aka Botak of Cheese Agency. He prefers to be called Handsome and calls me 'baby' to irritate me. Mat Romeo.

Mel the Chinese look-alike. My kawan that night. Both Bee Jay and I woke her up a few times with our annoying non-stop conversations. xoxo.

Silky Girl shooting. It went on for two morning; 11pm-5am, made new friends, and fell sick the day after. Diarrhoea. gosh. Could this get any worse!?

What Darynne G has done..
1. Sunway University College’s student project (2007)

2. Nissan Sylphy tvc: extras (2008)

3. ‘Goda’ tv series: extras (2008)

4. Silky Girl tvc: extras (2008)

Watch this episode of Gol & Gincu. It's damn funny, especially the three boys. If the video can't be loaded, please click on the link. A few other malay series I would recommend besides this is Sindarela and Bawang Merah Bawang Putih. I've only watched a few episode on youtube though. Have fun. :)


Joel said...

relink me wei

Darynne G said...

yes boss.. yes.. chill