Monday, July 21, 2008

Tease'Em Silly

Kids, precisely girls, let me teach you a couple of ways to tease 'boys' the fun way.

1. Randomly stare at them in the eyes when they're talking without looking away until their faces turn red. That shows that the boy is shy and maybe lack of confidence. (hah! take that TW!)

2. Softly nibble with their ears when they're driving or concentrating on something until their ears turn red. You'll know that 'that' is their G-Spot. oOoOoOoo..

3. Flatter them in all ways even though it's not true. They will not dare to tilt their heads up until you're done or if they're so full of themselves, they will straighten their collars and thank you with pride. (If they're wearing Polo-T's or Shirts) blah. Vainpots.

4. ..... Why not, YOU tell me. ;)

Steffie, stop laughin! xoxo

Cheers boys!

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