Thursday, July 3, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance? Really?
Are You Very Sure?
Sorry, You Have Been Terminated!

Thursday nights at Ruums KL, where the event will be held, weekly. Impressive, but not up to my expectations. As usual, filled with a bunch of seafood and this time, with a pinch of spice as we were there. xoxo. That's what you called 'syok-sendiri-ness'. Jonz, Eunice, this guy whom I forgot his name and I went to check out the show. Jonz's friend was in it, so I could pretty much label myself a supporter. Guess who I bumped into!!? yeah yeah.. you've seen the pictures so it is obviously the no other than Alfred. He's with Fly radio station and I didn't know that. hahah. (boooo! I caught you on video! ahahahahaaaa..)

We had supper at this mamak place nearby, next to CoffeeBean. Nasi Goreng Padprik was so darn yummy.

The lazy bums went home to spend some quality time. It was Samantha's birthday that night, celebrated at Maison. Happy Birthday hunnay. Cindy, Dixon, Kenny, Michelle and their group of friends were there too. Finally get to meet Dixie boy and Jason after so long. Love love them. I remembered how we used to club together every weekend in the beginning of 2007. So much fun. but where's Malcolm..? I miss that boy..

Yesterday noon I woke up with lil cravings. I craved for some home-cooked food. There goes my experiment. Cooked some sausages, beat the eggs with whatever I can find in the kitchen (chilli, soy sauce, pepper, oyster sauce, butter, ...... :S). Surprisingly, it turned out to be quite yummy. hmm. Way to go D! Kids.. please do not try this, AT HOME. xoxo.

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