Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Janice In The Act

Janice Lee Ming Yen was serving today. Invited guests were Darynne G, Ebelin T, and Michelle C. Starter: Vegetables with Mayonnaise (sucked), main course: Grilled Chicken with Wedges (yummy), dessert: Peach *Flambe* or however you spell that (average), entertainment: watched how Jan almost burned her own eyebrow (absolutely entertaining!). Just kidding Jan..

We had Domino's back in Ebelin's house. OMG we ate so much! *burps* Michelle had an Iguana in her room! eeeew! I can't stand the sight of reptiles. So disgusting! She's a big big fan of Ultraman. =_=ll "I think it's cute whad!," she argued.

As for the guy who can't stop stalking Jeslyn for the past two years, stop it already! Grow up and move on! You can whack all the guys in the world who gets close to Jes but you can never win her heart with such childish behavior. Be a Man! Do the Right thing! -Darynne G

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