Monday, July 7, 2008

It's ten in the morning, what do you do when you spot a pimple on your face? You scream. Hey.. I didn't!

My classes will resume in three weeks time, which means it's Work Hard Time. Once done with it, internship comes in without a break. I have yet to prepare myself for it and I'm panicking a bit. Where to enrol myself into, what documents to prepare, who do I refer to, how do I do it...etc. I've got so much to do, so little time. Oh No.. I haven't even register my subjects for the coming sem, speak to the foreign language department, settle my debts with Joe & Gary, get job confirmation from Russel, get my hair and eyebrow trimmed, call the docs, buy coloured contact lenses and what more. My head's gonna explode! With my uncle and aunts making noises from Singapore and all about me, I can't live peacefully at all. Just like how Vince's nanny nagged him last night. (it just came across my mind and I just had to bring it up to relate it). My countless and ever growing problems puts me into Depression mode half the time. Now you know why my packet of ciggies empties so quickly. However, challenges are good and fun, so I will not whine, instead just sharing my story with you babies, and live with it. It's MY BLOG anyway, I say what I wanna and you just read and shuttup! muah muah.

Going to gym alone every time feels a bit boring already. Anyone wanna join me there? California Fitness? Preferably Midvalley? My friend can get you good deals. Just gimme a call and I'll arrange for you guys to meet and work the transaction, then we can go to gym and join classes together! I'm shy when meeting a big bunch of strangers. Come come! Lets go to Yoga and Step Up classes together!

Okay Okay. I won't push it.
But.. come lah..

It's gonna be fun! There are swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, basketball court, steam room and hot instructors there. *wink**wink*

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