Thursday, July 24, 2008


Give' Me Some SPACE premier JASPAL Spring/ Summer Collection 08'. The fashion show was held at Space, Heritage Row last night. There were slight media coverage as well as photographers covering the event. The event started pretty late and everything was pretty fast moving. Thank GOD Godzilla wasn't there the entire night to spoil the atmosphere as apparently she got screwed. hah. (In YOUR FACE!)

Jaspal, a collection of gorgeous clothes and bags. It can be found at the Pavilion KL on the 3rd floor. Do check it out.

It was also Raj's Birthday. Sorry boss... They were leaving already when I was about to join them at Mansion. I am pretty sure they had a good time there. Cheers boss, yEng, Lin...

At Space with me were Ebelin, Eugene, Sie Yuen, Michelle, Benny, Gary and their friends. We took lots of pictures but they're mostly taken with Mich's camera so I shall upload more next time once I get em' all from her.

Steffie, Jason and Amirul came later in the night. Bar Club was packed, surprisingly, but I was too tired to do anything after my many glasses of drinks and since I've not been getting enough sleep, I totally lost my mood.

Benny . Eugene . D . Gary

Mich . Gary

Cyuen . D

Steffie . Amirul . D

Tony . Steff . D

Jason . D

Ebelin . Cyuen

Gary . Benny

My Mr. Hottie

My . Hot . Chilli . Padi

Stripes . Solid White

Jase . D

Crushing the Uncrushable but Not who You think they Are.

For Me to Know, for You to Find Out. I'm Secretive.

Don't try to play games with me. I'm sensitive.
Don't take me lightly. I'm vulnerable.

Don't try to put me down. I'm not who you think I am.
Don't play with words. I can do better than that.

I will.. I already am.. Always been..

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