Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Love Champagne!

I was a lil confused awhile ago about some stuffs. Come to think of it again, it's pointless drowning your mind with silly thoughts. hah. Stucked between two immatures was what I told lil'sis. Well, life goes on..

McCallen, Swing, Blue Label and champagne two nights in a row. Oh goodness gracious! I'm going out of my mind! The boys are just earning too much to have splurged on expensive liquors like it's on sale or some sort. They probably print money for all I know. Big boys with big notes. All you can have is envy written all over your forehead!

Many toasts to Aaron, Prakash, Philip, Mellina.......

I just met lil'sis, Jeslyn this afternoon where we had yummy sushi's at Sakae and ever sinful Belgian Chocolate Frappe in One Utama. A little shopping of ours was fun, so fun that I forgot about my to-buy list. damn! Oh, not forgetting the lil sweet gift of Ritz Sports chocolate my lil'sis got me. yums.

Okay.. I'm out of words. I'm layan-ing a cute childish friend of mine in Tassie. hah. boy o boy. Cut the crap already!

I can't believe it. Some lil things are still in my head. Leave, buggah, LEAVE. okay. Now, party this weekend? Lets get loE LOe LOW.... on the dance floor boo..

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