Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You Got Me Wonder

Russell's Place, Jaya One

I think he's hot.

Look mate, I'm Mr.Hottie. I get kisses just LIKE THAT.

SHHHHhh.. Don't tell mommy!

It was so last minute. I was so darn broke, hence, I decided to take up the wig-wearing job and guess who owns the place? Ivan Y's dad. What a coincidence. It was pretty embarrassing having him saw me in that striking orange wig. It was fun seeing him again though. He's currently seeing this ex-school mate of mine for almost TWO YEARS now! OMG. None of mine lasted longer than 6 friggin months! xoxo. *cannot make it lah* Darren is soooo adorable that I wanted to kidnap him home. Have you ever played Scissors Paper Stone. I mean duhh you must have but what do the losers get usually? Darren gets a kiss if he wins. Oh, he can tell you to strike 'paper' just to earn himself a kiss. How cute of that little boy. Very intelligent too. (Ivan, you should learn from that five year old, he's got skills)

Kiss given: 2, Kiss treceived: 2. xoxo.

Come on ladies, strike a pose.

"Hey! Gimme a C-break. It's kay, I can pose with that," says D.

A special dedication to Uncle Josh whom I just met for the first time this afternoon.
*points at him and laugh as I roll on the floor holding on to my stomach* Cheers.

My first wig experience. tadaaa!


st3ffielicious said...

Hahaha.. Damn cute wei.. why la tak ajak me work =p Eh is that Jeannie?

Darynne G said...

Yeah, its her. LOL. It was last min okay.. got a call 2 hours before work then had to change my plans d. Summore kena dragged out till so late the night before that.. *bangs wall*

Grace W. said...

Wei Hui!!! Your orange wig remind me of sailormoon!! :p and and and darren's so cute!! :)

Darynne G said...

I know! I love him too! and I lovED Sailormoon okay..