Thursday, July 17, 2008


Shell Advance/Hot Fm

Thanks to all of our lovely showgirls, everything went really well in our last event in Butterworth and we all had tonnes of fun working and partying. On top of that, the clients were really pleased with our performances. Therefore, we've been called back for their next event which will be held in JB this coming August. We are now recruiting new girls to replace some of the girls who cannot make it. Here are the following details:-

Date: 9 August 2008 (Saturday)

Location: Johor Bahru

Pay: RM150 (transportation and accomodation provided)

Uniform: provided (not revealing)

Time: TBC but roughly bout 5 hours

Job scope: game girls/show girls

-Leaving on Friday morning (to standby and relax) and returning on Sat night

Three more girls needed only so the best ones get it! E-mail us your profile with


PR girls needed.

-RM150/day + 10% of sales (terms & conditions apply)

-5 days a week/month


-fun dress codes daily

-requirements: slim and presentable, outspoken, outgoing, independant, professional, able to sell

I have more jobs to some. Pls email me your profiles with




Darynne, 012-8611200
Three Inch Stiletto


UncleJosh said...

wow... you do freelance as well???

150 ah... quite low for an outstation job eh...

anyway... have a great day ahead ya... ^_^

Darynne G said...

The client is stingy. We can't do nuts. I freelance for a living. Oh well, money don't fall from the sky. Wait, I think I just told the same thing to my friend earlier. xoxo

UncleJosh said...

yes... perhaps i do know michelle...
but i don't believe i've come upon your blog before...
still wondering...
so you would be at hennessy artistry tomorrow?

or onitzuka tiger's event in zouk tonight?

hmm.... stingy eh... ya... nowadays, all these freelance is underpaid... oh well... it's also because your agent sudah makan alot of your pay? ^_^

add me in msn or something

Darynne G said...

Either way it doesn't matter. I wanna go to the hennessy artistry too but ive got no invitation plus it's 21 and above which doesn't really matter, i just got no invitation! ;S

and if you would like to know, for jobs like promoter and ushering, agent themselves couldn't take much either cuz the clients are smart these days. They offer really lil as they've done their own researches with the freelancers.

the most an agent can take is roughly bout 20% out of the quotation. If you're talkin bout Hypertune model, or any girls with really good resume and appearances then different case. They earn hundreds just like that.