Friday, July 18, 2008

A Get-Together on May 17

We love FOOD... La Bodega, Bangsar.
Dessert.. pure sweetness.. Dessert Bar.

The great companions completed the night!


Kimberly Vanilla T, Sara L, Abigail J, Genevieve Jane Soh

( I just lovee her name )

Don't you just adore us? xoxo

We did some catchups on our lives since the day we stepped out of school. Each's love life, college, future plans.. Oh, Kim's leavin to L.A. to further persue her glamorous career. She's gonna be our next Kimura Lee Simmons with fabulous new line of clothing's, shoes and expensive range of accessories. A toast to that lil'mama. Gen, as usual, has a long line of guys waiting for her 'Yes, I do'. She's as shy as ever! Donovan *coughs* Donovan. Aby's our spicy silent killer mother. hah. There's a story behind that, but I better not tell the world or she'll slice me apart. (love love you chic one). As for Sara, hmm.. she's loveleyh. Still staring at the sky every night hoping that one day her prince charming will fall off the sky with the meteor rain right onto her doorsteps saying "my beautiful princess, I've found you". xoxo.

Look, how much we've grown. Time passed us by without us noticing. We've been ambushed by things we least expect. Ups and downs, it's part of life, like a story book written separately for each and every one of us, based on our own philosophies. Carpe Diem.

If you're feeling down and in need of a good long laugh, click here. I can't believe I'm promoting it on my blog but it's one hell of a good joker site. Enjoy.


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