Friday, July 25, 2008

Cybersecurity, Take Notice.

Now, dear government, Malaysia or US. You don't want to shoot terrorists any longer. You've got worse threat IN your country itself. They are The Hackers. Now, beware.

These days, it is hard for us to fully rely on the computer security system, especially with the increasing number of lifeless hackers. How many would actually pay hundreds of dollars to purchase the Norton Anti-Virus or what not, to protect their computers from unnecessary threats or do you think they would rather pay for two bottles of Chivas on Friday. As silly as those who wouldn't, I am one of the victims, sadly. And again, who would have expected, right?

It was roughly two months back when T.I.S database has been hacked. (TIS: Three Inch Stiletto, an events company set up by Joe and Darynne in 2007). Have you got any idea how much loss has that caused us? Not in money wise, it was the contacts we had in there. We have learnt our lesson and finally decided to secure our database by signing up for a 'domain name' or whatever you call them. My story did not end there, next they tried to hack was mine and Joe's personal e-mail address. I mean like, what's their problem? It must be someone who knows well about us. Then again, we've got no prove. sigh.

There was this incident which taken place when I was working at the International Beauty Expo 08' a couple weeks back. I managed to convince this old couple about the goodness of the product I was selling and they decided to pay by credit card. Just as they realized that we were using the online transaction system, they snatched back their credit card and paid with cash instead. The reason was because they once experienced online fraud and lost a large sum of money. Oh dear.. no wonder.

You know how we love using messengers to communicate with friends, colleagues, clients, family and some, strangers. From the ICQ generation to now, MSN. Yet, what do we often receive nowadays? Virus, virus and more viruses! Our documents get corrupted, our memorable pictures, our favourite track from Chris Daughtry and Michael Buble.. everything! pssst..

There are many solutions to these problems but some people like me, just couldn't be bothered. However, do check this out. It seems interesting. You know.. to fight your enemy, you must first learn about them.

Complimentary Workshop on Cybersecurity

Now, who's up for it?

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