Friday, August 8, 2008


It's the August 8th 2008, the ultimate 08.08.08!

Eight, the lucky fortune number to the Chinese, one of the digits of my age, the starting of the Kent event, which Rach's missing (xoxo), which I'll be attending in a bit. ;)

Experienced my first clubbing session at Euphoria by MOS last night and I've gotta admit that it was hell awesome! I've never partied this hard in a really long time. Since Tiesto perhaps? The moment I stepped into the place, I met five of my really good old friends. As I circled the place, another six group of friends were found. OMG OMG! I was so fuggin happy last night! Those were either my old buddies, my first few clubbing mates, college mates, and long lost friends okay! It definitely brought us all together again in such a wonderful venue with great music and atmosphere. You guys should totally check it out. Thursdays are Ladies Nights where you pay zero for entry along with a complimentary drink-Vodka Lime.

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