Sunday, August 3, 2008

Eng Wei's 19th

It was a Thursday, but no ordinary one that day. It was Eng Wei's 19th birthday, the boy who was once a shortay. It was a surprise partay, planned out by Ken Joe who was another shortay. It was a good night anyway, with everyone looking so sexay.

I still have no idea if the surprise actually worked. Lousy planner. I missed Euphoria because of that alright. Be grateful that I chose to meet you guys at Maison, having to ditch Aipeng, Jonz, Eunice, Sean and the rest of them there didn't feel so fun okay. Damn. Should have gone earlier to get the guestlist.

Hunnays, let me tell you something. I despise guys who cannot keep their pants up when they are already attached, if you know what I mean. Come on, the guy on the next table was freaggin flirting with the girls around when his girlfriend was just next to him. Pay some respect dude, you're not that hot. Half the time he was like, "oh checkout that chick, she's good, oh there another one..." fuckinnut! The reason why I was so boiled up was because I know those people. Shame on him.

Eng Wei, the birthday boy

Ganesh the Blarck. I don't mean no insult like how them guys call Madon. xoxo. Still can't get over it aye? Everybody just calls 'him' by that name. I don't wanna mention any names here aight?

Anne, another one of my SHELL babes.

One of my favourite couple! Janise & Ben


Michelle . Eng Wei

Pamela . D . Chui Yi

forgotwho . Ashley . Eng Wei . Eugene C

The million bucks candid..

Happy 19th Birthday to Eng Wei!

Lets see, where should I begin. The birthday boy hangs with the group of Lasallians I was once close to back in highschool. Yeah, I guess we did acknowledge each other back then but we never once conversed. Funny, right? Until recently when I met him again with Ganesh and Ken Joe all at Hartamas then we talked a little. I met him again when I was invited to his surprise party at Maison with the old bunch. It was great seeing all of them again, like sit together and all that, too bad my girls weren't there. Funny how we used to turn Andrew Choo's upside down and get stressed up at Nirmala's. (I meant his group of friends and I at our former tuition centres) We've also attended LEO events together and a couple of my friends eventually ended up as couples. *you know who you guys are* Most of my highschool sweethearts were also Lasallians. Now that's really funny. I wouldn't wanna turn back time man, eww. I noticed the drastic changes though. It is.. erm.. for me to know, for you to find out. Cheers.

I like it random, but too much to bare in a week. There was an Adrenalin rush which lasted just for awhile. The attraction was there but too much to handle in such short while. Lack of time and space already, I really don't wanna suffocate myself.

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