Friday, August 29, 2008

Do You Care?

I'm not gonna update on the events yet as I've got a more important thing in mind now. So try to feel it.

Something really upsets me today. It was something about this two person I care about most and the longest. We've been through a lot of conflicts against one another. What does Friendship mean to you? Just a word or do you just have a different perception of it. We do not take advantage of one another, we share and care, forgive and forget, and above all, love each other. We shouldn't judge them by their status, popularity or whatsoever. You may get good treatments from friends but that doesn't give you the right to abuse your blessings, neither should you just take and not give. The last thing you should never do is to look down upon them and not say a word when outsiders are dissing them even though whatever they say may be true. At the end of the day, your real friends that you let others diss are the ones who will unconditionally lift you up expecting nothing in return, silently give you the warmest hug and be there to cry with you, not there to watch. Do you get the real message of this whole thing I'm trynna say? There will always be the weak and the strong in a group of mates. The stronger ones should be there to guide and help the weak automatically and not only when being told. You don't just walk away and laugh with strangers when your friend tripped right next to you, do you? How do you like to be treated is exactly how your friends would like to be treated by you. People don't always tell or show that they care when they really do, actions speak louder than words. You may not hear from them often, but that doesn't mean you have been forgotten. The disappointment and anger in me right now cannot be dissolved until we talk it out. If She still cares to keep our friendship solely because She treasures it, She will do what's right. I'm so fed up of having to cope with the same problem over and over for almost the past century. Now that the issue has worsened, and I still very much care about Us, we need a private heart to heart talk soon. Do you know who You are?

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