Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flying Pigs

Wow! I so am staying awake for class later. It's like 4:44 in the morning now, and it's only about roughly an hour and a half before I start cleaning up for college. Oh, and Murni's food SUCKS big time tonight. Josh and Jess said it tasted like Fab (soap). Meeting this afternoon turned nasty. So much of personal issues and politics. I seriously doubt if they can handle the sky-high stress in the working world. Not like I've actually experienced it.. heheh.

I was at this bloggers food tasting thingy at this very decent restaurant in Midvalley where I enjoyed the yummy house pouring red wine and food before I left for the Clive event at Poppy earlier with Steffie and Jess. Update on that next. In my opinion, I think it was one of the worst event I've attended so far. Despite the fact that I was extremely late when it started at eight (Ebe and all left to Space before I reached), it was supposed to be more happening as it gets later.(Josh Lim and Joshua was there) Instead of that, everyone left, leaving a bunch of grr.. don't wanna talk about them. Whatever it is, we left for Euphoria thinking that my college mates were gonna be there. Then guess what? They weren't. Fuckin dulan big time. Prem was there, Ken Joe too, Ian, Nickolai*, Jolene, Nickolas*, Sam, Alyaa, Hemraj and Gavin was there though. We three lost souls were circling the place and wondering around then ended up with Gavin and his friends. What a night. The usual bunch of boys were amazingly SLEEPING at home when they were usually out at this time of the week. The pigs are so flying man.

I got so wasted last night on Captain Morgan. I must agree with Amirul that it was a good drink and quite addictive. Funny thing was, when I was trying to force everything out in the ladies, some blardy bitch sprayed some water at me from the next cubicle making me soaking wet! What on earth was wrong with her! gosh! She better thank Lord that I was too tipsy to give her a tight slap. I remembered how I made Amirul stop the car by the roadside every five minutes on the way fetching me home. Another lesson learned, always have something light before drinking or you'll be suffering like how I did last night. Massive head spin, hangover in class the next morning and countless embarressing moments. Not forgetting how ugly you will look. Thank God my eye candy wasn't there to witness all that bullshyt. Now my dad thinks that Amirul is a married man who drags me out till late at night everyday! Ohmigawd.

JoE will be enjoying her holiday with SQ and his hot friends in Langkawi later. Hmph! I was supposed to go okay! I miss that place. Too bad I can't make it this time. Sponsor me a trip to Australia la deyh. Its kay, she's buying my things for me. wheee. I gave her a list to shop for me. whooohoo. LoveLove her bunch!

Okay. Out of words. Ciao.

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