Monday, August 11, 2008

Crying On My Doorsteps

The moment you give up, there goes all hopes. As you walk towards the person you have adored for so long, look at that person in the eyes and finally found the need to let go. Little did you realize that he/she has already became apart of you and your life. The moment you put an end to it, there goes the tears rolling down your cheeks. How're you feeling any happier?

Slowly you find out about the little things that person has actually done for you without you knowing, the sacrifices, the changes and next thing you know, that person has fallen too deeply in love with you to let go. Now, think of the consequences, have you just made a mistake? Lost something?

Could that person be the only one you needed all these while? Right infront of your eyes, you watched them walk away. How are you feeling right now? Horrible, I supposed?

Desserts are just to fulfill the other needs, desires, things that you don't get from the main course. Hence, you give in to temptations. However, it is the main course that satisfies your hunger. Rid those extra calories, get on track. You get what I mean?

Lift your head up now, wipe away those salty tears and do what is right. My advice is, undo those mistakes. Just go for it!

Love much.
I want my wedding invitation! xoxo


st3ffielicious said...

You talkin bout me darlin? lol

Darynne G said...

hmm.. that was actually referring to joe. Yours happened in the night where I haven't blogged bout yet. lol. how're you babe?